You might be looking for:

  • A very straightforward Will where you leave everything to your husband/wife/partner and then to the children when you have both died.

  • A Will to protect a vulnerable person – someone who would need help managing the inheritance.

  • Something a bit more robust, which takes into account inheritance tax planning and factors such as business interests, a property portfolio, and larger investments.
A straightforward Will for one person
Straightforward Wills for two people
A more sophisticated, robust Will for one person
A pair of more sophisticated, robust Wills

VAT is payable on the fees quoted, at a rate of 20%.

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Detailed Analysis

We will talk about your needs in detail, how you plan to provide for your beneficiaries, all in complete confidence. 

Personal Interaction

We assure you a personal service with one point of contact throughout.

Writing the Will

We will ensure that your will is produced professionally and correctly, providing you with sound peace of mind.

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